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Welcome to CoinBlock, an open source colored coin platform which allows anyone to easily issue and trade digital assets on top of any proof of work blockchain. CoinBlock colored coin assets can be used for a wide variety of applications such as prediction markets, strategy games, or stock issuances and company votes. To get started, please scroll down & join one of our decentralized strategy games or download CoinBlock and run your own CoinBlock node. For more information, please read the CoinBlock Whitepaper.

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Create Your Own Coin

Using the CoinBlock platform, anyone can create a colored coin running on top of bitcoin, litecoin or any other compatible blockchain. To create your own digital asset, simply use our GUI to select the parameters for your asset and then publish your game definition.

Get Involved

Are you a developer? We'd love some help testing, fixing bugs and building new features. For more information, please download CoinBlock.
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